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- Please register only one account for each household. Add all adult residents to your profile, including their email address. Once that is done, you can each log in with your own email address, but will need to share the password.

- This website is reserved for residents of WCE Phase II, to stay current on HOA activity. To interact with neighbors and share useful information, all residents of WCE Phase I and II are invited to join the Wichita Creek Estates Facebook page.

- Architectural changes: Residents must get prior approval from the HOA for all alterations to or construction of a fence, building, wall or any other exterior structure. Please see the Architectural Change Request link on the left for the request form or click here.

Following are the sorts of projects that require ACC approval: Building an addition on your home. Adding a pool cabana, outdoor kitchen,  storage shed or any other outside structure. Changing the paint color on your home or any part of the exterior of your property. Changing the shingle color or the roofing material.  Painting a fence a different color. Adding solar panels. Adding a fence or wall. Adding a pool. There may be other things that need approval, this is just a general list. When in doubt, please contact us.

ACC approval is not required if you are repainting your home, outbuildings or fence the same color as currently exists, or if you are re-roofing your home with the same color and materials.

- The legal documents governing the HOA can be found under the Legal Documents link.

- If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us.